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The Unit Lifestyle


Each unit is an investment towards an efficient and better you. Imagine waking up, not having to worry about styling your own hair, and having an option between multiple units based on how you feel that day? Welcome to the unit lifestyle! Spend once and save valuable time getting fabulous! The average ladies love unit will last one (1) year or longer (full lace units 6 months to 1 year with regular care and maintenance).


All units are handcrafted and made just for you! Our units are lightweight yet hug your head for a secure fit.

The average unit consists of:

- Two (2) to three (3) bundles
- A lace closure or frontal attached to a ventilated custom fit cap or full lace cap.


The unit lifestyle gives your natural hair the break it needs from constantly being straightened, chemical treatments; sew-ins, and the colouring process. The unit lifestyle and regular treatment of your natural hair promotes healthy hair growth. A unit is a great option for anyone growing out their hair/edges, or undergoing medical treatments, no adhesive tape or glue is needed.

About Us

Ladies Love Units was established in 2015 and is the brainchild of owners and married couple Willie and Kevin. In 2014 Kevin‘s twin sister was diagnosed with cancer, sparking the desire to create the perfect unit.

Her requirements were simple:

-Glueless wig

-Easy to wear

-Great quality

-Needs to look 100% natural

Ladies Love Units is dedicated to the creation of premium custom made units. Their handcrafted approach turns a simple wig into a custom unit. Ladies Love provides the finest quality of custom made units constructed with 100% raw hair. Each unit is custom designed by the client and is one of a kind.
Ladies Love specializes in:

-Full Lace Units

-Lace Top Units

-Frontal Units

-Hair Replacement Services

-Medical Units

-Custom Sewing Services

-Custom Colour Services

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