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Now that I have my Ladies Love Unit how do I take care of it?

Treat your unit like it’s an extension of your own hair. Here are some general hair care tips:

  • Use a non-sulphate shampoo and conditioner.
  • Deep condition your unit twice a month for two to four hours at a time.
  • When washing your unit, use lukewarm to cold water to retain moisture and nutrients.
  • Always comb your unit’s hair when it’s wet with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush.
  • Allow your unit to air dry instead of blow drying.
  • When straightening, use a heat protective serum to prevent heat damage.
  • Don’t sleep in your unit.
  • If possible, sleep in a satin scarf to protect your hairline.

Why is my unit shedding, balding or thinning?

Your unit could be shedding, balding or thinning for the following reasons:

  • Handling, washing or combing it too roughly.
  • Using very oily or greasy hair care products.
  • Not thoroughly removing adhesives from your until before washing it.
  • Using hot or very warm water to wash your unit.
  • Combing the hair from root to tip, instead of from tip to root.
  • Installing your unit multiple times with an adhesive.

Can I scratch my head through the lace?

If your scalp is itchy, pat your head or remove your unit to scratch your head. Also, you can treat your scalp with oil to stop the itchiness.

Are there any hair products I shouldn’t use with my Ladies Love Unit?

We suggest staying away from products with heavy levels of alcohol as they can damage the hair and cause shedding or breaking.

How do I avoid tangling, breakage and split ends?

We suggest combing your wig when it's wet with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush. At bedtime, take it off at bedtime and braid/tie it with a silk scarf. Also, keep your unit moisturized.

Are there any special washing instructions?

In addition to using a non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner, make sure you comb and detangle the unit’s hair before you start washing it. If you have a full lace, frontal lace or top lace until, you must seal the knots after each wash.

How do I seal my unit's knots?

Here are some instructions to help you seal the knots:

  • Turn your full lace unit inside out and place it lace side up on a mannequin head stand.
  • Spray your unit lightly with the knot sealer, standing approximately 6-8 inches away.
  • Make sure you don’t spray the sealer on your unit's hair.
  • Wait for 15 to 30 minutes for your unit to dry before wearing or styling.

Can I colour my unit’s hair myself?

Your unit’s hair is 100% natural so it can be colour treated. We strongly recommend you contact a licensed hair professional before chemically treating your unit.

My unit is looking tired. Do you offer a maintenance or refresh service?

LLU offers a maintenance service to refresh your unit. In fact, one of the best ways to increase the lifespan of your unit is to take advantage of our LLU Refresh service. Call 647- 713-8648 to book an appointment.

I’m not happy with my unit. Can I get a refund or an exchange?

Unfortunately, all sales are final and we don’t offer refunds or exchanges. We will, however, work with you to make your unit meet your needs. It is extremely important to us that you love your unit and you’re satisfied with our service.