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      Bold Hold Tape

      Bold Hold Tape is a medical grade tape produced by The Hair Diagram. This tape is well known for being easy on the skin. The Bold Hold Tape will yield a hold of 1-2 weeks if applied properly by a certified professional. Bold Hold Tape is a clear tape with low residue. The tape will perform similar to an adhesive with proper application. Recommended storage for the Bold Hold Tape is at room temperature, typically below 95 degrees F. Bold Hold Tape can be used in conjunction with the Bold Hold Extreme or Bold Hold Active for a superior hold. This product is lab tested and skin safe for those with normal skin types. Not recommend for those with sensitive skin or skin disorders. 

      Bold Hold Lace tape used as a strong hold adhesive for wig attachment.  In order to apply correctly, please follow the instruction video at TheHair Diagram on YouTube

      If you do not follow instructions step by step,  you will not experience the ultimate hold.

      Double sided Wig/Lace Tape.

      Flexible for comfort.

      Strong lasting bond.

      40 strips of tape per roll.

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